About Us - Bingo Power

Bingo Power has been established since July 2005 and it is one of the most veteran and leading online bingo review and comparison sites aimed primarily at UK players. Online bingo has become increasingly popular in the last few years especially with some bingo sites developing a huge following helped by television advert campaigns which has helped elevate the visibility and translate the social acceptance of this form of gaming from playing in traditional land based halls to playing online.

Bingo Power has many features that are aimed to help players decide which bingo site is best for them and our main goal is for everyone to find the bingo site that suits them best so that they can have the optimum bingo experience. For this we have various tools to help prospective bingo players decide such as an online bingo bonus calculator, or a side-by-side bingo comparison tool. You can also find bingo bonus and free bingo tables where you can see who gives you the best value for money

Bingo Reviews

Bingo reviews are an integral part of our website and we join and play at every single one of the sites which are listed. Over the last 5 years there has been a huge amount of bingo sites that have cropped up. While diversity is great it can be overwhelming for visitors who just want to choose a site and play bingo with no hassles or having to sift through vast amounts of information to find what they are looking for. That is one of the main reasons why we don't list every single bingo site out there as other bingo comparison sites do. We prefer to choose the best ones and in terms of player experience and value for money and help visitors choose between those. Those sites which are listed have our seal of approval and trust.

Bingo Power Team

There are two main contributors to the Bingo Power Website. Ivan is the founder and editor, also responsible for the design and new features. Pablo is scours the web and brings you all the latest news and offers from all our listed bingo sites.

Social Networking

Bingo Power can be found on Facebook and Twitter where we endeavour to share all the latest news and offers. In fact we have some offers that go exclusively on Facebook and Twitter so by all means follow us on these sites and you can stay up to date.