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Mobile bingo

Mobile bingo is becoming a reality as more bingo sites adapt their games to mobiles, smartphones, and tablets. Players are wanting to play on the go and more bingo sites are developing mobile versions in order to meet demand. Mobile bingo is the way forward it seems and will soon be the name of the game.

Bingo smoking ban

Smoking was banned in English land based bingo halls in July 2007, how do you feel about this ban? Are you in favour or against, and has it made any real difference in the numbers of people going out to play bingo? On the other hand, do you think this has influenced the growth of online bingo as an industry as more people choose to play at home? Find all these topics and let us know your thoughts in this article.

90 Ball, 80 ball, and 75 ball bingo

90 ball bingo is the traditionally British way of playing bingo and it is the game that is largely played in land based bingo halls. Bingo cards have 3 rows and 9 columns with 5 numbers on each line, the rest of the squares are blank. 80 Ball bingo is gaining popularity and is being included in more bingo sites than ever before. The 80 ball game merges the best features of the other two games and gives players a good choice of games. The 75 ball bingo game is popular in America and it is the game with which online bingo started. It is quite different to the 90 ball bingo game and instead of playing for lines, you play for patterns which could be anything really, from letters, to objects.

Bingo software

One way of playing bingo online is through your browser window, using the Flash player, which is a special add-on to your browser, and with this method you do not have to download and install any software. The other way is to download software and install the program from the bingo site. Both methods are equally valid in that the have advantages and disadvantages as are outlined in this article, so it boils down to personal preference.

Bingo networks

Bingo sites can either exist as standalone sites where they do not share jackpots or games with any other sites from the same software provider, or they can belong to a network. Those that belong to a network can offer greater prizes and incentives but a greater pool of players to compete with.

New to bingo

If you are new to playing online bingo, it can be a little bit daunting but it really is very simple. Also there is a little bit of a leaning curve in the transition from land based bingo to playing online. However the concept is the same and once you get used to it you will see it has all the same elements.

Free money bingo

Some online bingo sites offer new players no deposit bonuses where you can try a site risk free without having to spend any money. This is usually done when you sign up and it is either in the form of free cards or direct bonus money. Sometimes you have to supply banking details in order to receive the free bonus.

Why people love bingo

The social aspect and the ease with which bingo is played has made it a favourite through the ages. It keeps the brain sharp and allows you to play with friends making it an formidable form of entertainment.

Women love bingo

Bingo has traditionally been associated with female players, however nowadays there are plenty of men who play bingo and love it. However one thing is for sure; bingo is still a favourite amongst women with over half the female population having played in an online bingo site over the last year.