Bingo Power User Polls

Have your say on all issues regarding bingo. We love to know what you are thinking and you can take part on any of our polls and let us know how you stand on certain issues. Some of our polls may be on the serious side, but some others can be quite cheeky. Whatever your views are don't hesitate to take part!

What voice do you prefer when calling bingo?

Male 58.33%
Female 41.67%
Total Votes: 12

Does a no-deposit offer make you more willing to register at a particular bingo site?

Yes 60%
No 40%
Total Votes: 15

Do you use your mobile or tablet to play bingo/other games?

Yes - I only use my mobile/tablet to play 33.33%
Most of the time - it's more convenient 11.11%
Sometimes - but I prefer a computer / laptop 38.89%
No - tried it but I don't like it 0%
Never - I have no interest in mobile bingo 16.67%
Total Votes: 18

What kind of pet do you have at home?

Dog 48.89%
Cat 26.67%
Rabbit 6.67%
Hamster / Gerbil 4.44%
None 13.33%
Total Votes: 45

What bingo provider do you prefer?

Gamesys (Jackpotjoy, Sun Bingo) 67.38%
Dragonfish (Wink, Foxy, Costa) 14.18%
Parlay (Wonder Bingo, Bingon) 2.84%
Virtue Fusion (Sky Bingo, Bet365, Virgin) 4.96%
Cozy Games (Gone Bingo, Priceless Bingo) 10.64%
Total Votes: 141

Are you a superstitious bingo player?

You carry a luck charm when you play 10%
You play on your lucky days 6.67%
You consult your horoscope before playing 13.33%
You do certain things to bring you luck 26.67%
You are not at all superstitious 43.33%
Total Votes: 30

Why do you like to play online bingo?

It's better than playing at the local bingo hall 7.14%
To win money 14.29%
Chat and meet new people 7.14%
I like the excitement 28.57%
I don't have to leave the house the play bingo 42.86%
Total Votes: 28

Which is your favourite Globalcom bingo?

Wink Bingo 43.9%
Foxy Bingo 14.63%
Think Bingo 14.63%
888Ladies Bingo 14.63%
Tasty Bingo 12.2%
Total Votes: 41

Are you in favour of the smoking ban in bingo halls and other private members clubs?

I'm strongly in favour of the ban 64.15%
I'm not bothered 7.55%
I'm in favour but not in bingo halls 4.72%
I'm strongly against the ban 23.58%
Total Votes: 212

What is your favourite aspect of online bingo?

Free bingo games 36.36%
Chat 22.73%
Community 10.23%
Slots 24.43%
Jackpots 6.25%
Total Votes: 176