About mobile bingo

At present, in 2012 the mobile bingo market pretty much resembles what online bingo used to look like a few years ago. Back then the limiting factor was internet speed, however on mobile devices nowadays this isn't the problem as internet speeds are good or you can play via your wi-fi connection. One of the main factors when considering mobile gaming is the screen size. After all most mobile and smart phones have a relatively small screen when compared to a laptop or computer, so the playing experience will be slightly different and scaled back but in no way diminished or compromised. The key to mobile bingo however lies in developing the technology that can be used across all devices and phones.

Most (if not all) online bingo sites that do not require a download use Flash technology to provide a rich media experience with sophisticated graphics, video, animations and sound. Flash is a piece of software called a plug-that is owned by software giant Adobe. The Flash plug-in is usually incorporated into the browser to provide a seamless experience although you may have heard of it as it needs to be updated from time to time. However Adobe announced some time ago that they will not be developing any more Flash programmes although it will be providing support for bugs and security issues.

Flash technology is supported by Android and Blackberry phones but not by Apple which has meant that most bingo sites will not work if accessed via an iPhone, iPod, iBook, or iPad. This is a major spanner in the works because Apple products have a huge market share and has put the brakes on mobile gaming as it has meant that in order to enter the mobile market gaming companies will have had to develop and integrate a whole new way of playing. Another problem has been that Apple does not allow bingo and casino apps in their App Store.

In order to overcome this, bingo sites have had to develop in another direction using a different technology known as HTML5 which is compatible with all mobile devices and platforms with a touchscreen as it the same technology that modern websites are made of. Therefore HTML5 bingo sites will work whether you have an Android phone, a Blackberry, or an iPhone. The advantage is that you don't have to download any plug-ins. You can either play on the browser or download the app as instructed and you're good to go, making it a seamless process. Mobile bingos will automatically detect which device you are using and will provide you with the correct app version or HTML5 version so you don't need to worry. HTML5 has the added advantage of providing increased security measures, making it better when using the banking facilities.

The direction of where online bingo is going is that Flash based bingo sites will one day (sooner rather than later) become obsolete and will be replaced by HTML5 versions. With Flash technology having peaked it is only a matter of time before bingo sites in general develop to free themselves of any limitations. Mobile bingo is the way forward and in the coming years being able to play on any smartphone or tablet as well as your laptop or PC will become the norm. The good thing is that there is no need to act or worry as most probably the end user will not be able to tell the difference aside from being an upgrade and extra enhancements. Being able to play without any limitations will become mainstream.

By: Bingo Power