Your Lucky Stars this July

Posted on 27th June 2013

There are many of you who enjoy our daily horoscopes so we thought to bring you an in depth analysis of how online bingo players will fare this July and which days they should expect some nice surprises.

July’s featured sign is TAURUS.
If this is your sign you should take the high road. Find a new vantage point so that you are able to visualize the many opportunities you will go cultivating through the summer months. As Jupiter looks favourably at your house of resources all your monetary woes will disappear. Please remember that luck is not simply random good fortune and can be influenced by having an optimistic outlook on things.


Your mental energy is very important and you must learn to use it wisely. You are like a light bulb of increasing intensity, coming up with better ideas and plans all the time. Try to stay focused on the task at hand.
Lucky Days: 16th & 23rd
Lucky Numbers: 4 & 33


Try to be more open to advice from your best friend, who always seems to have wisdom on her side. Listen to what she has to say and adjust your budget this month according what she has to say on the matter. What you lack right now is guidance not money. Your friends are the real gold in your life.
Lucky Days:3rd & 17th
Lucky Numbers:5 & 20


This July you must ensure that you leave old habits and boring routines to one side. Providence will prove to be on your side. If you take that risk you have been pondering about for some time you will feel ten years younger and will fill your life with some excitement in the process. This July will surprise you.
Lucky Days: 13th & 28th
Lucky Numbers:7 & 22


Your concerns and problems will be solved if you put your mind to it and use your imagination to visualize their demise. Pay close attention to your dreams and attempt to decode their meaning. You will be receiving direct guidance from your inner child. Pay attention to the secret you.
Lucky Days:5th & 27th
Lucky Numbers:16 & 21


Your fortune this month can be summarized by a simple yet deep quote by Einstein. If you manage to find out where you fit in this equation you will solve your worries. “There are two ways to live your life—as though nothing is a miracle, or everything is.”
Lucky Days:10th & 26th
Lucky Numbers 9 & 11


Make the necessary adjustments in your life to accommodate the wishes of your partner. You have a lot to offer them and they will thank you for your flexibility of mind and heart.
Lucky Days: 5th & 30th
Lucky Numbers: 40 & 88


If you can’t explain why you tend to be attracted to sparky and uncensored persons, the master Deepak Chopra has the answer for you. He said that “Love is not the opposite of hate. Being whole, love has no opposite” Play around with the disorder in your life. It will prove to be comforting.
Lucky Days:9th & 15th
Lucky Numbers:72 & 90


For as long as Saturn remains in your zone you will feel as though you have a master carpenter at home helping your build a grand design. Make sure you help him as he will not be able to do it all on his own. Study the blueprints of your desires carefully.
Lucky Days:2nd & 27th
Lucky Numbers:1 & 66


This July make sure you mingle with friends and find the magic from within you that wants to come out. Don’t be hostile to new experiences and people who will cross you path during the month that will end up expanding your circle of friends.
Lucky Days:1st & 8th
Lucky Numbers:22 & 76


Power gives you a very comforting sense of control over your life. You must break away from key habits and all the repetition in your life which is getting you down. You’ll soon learn that power comes with change. Take a risk and gain control once again.
Lucky Days:5th & 18th
Lucky Numbers:42 & 71


As an Aquarian you don’t get to shine as often as you should. You seem to worry too much about getting things right and being perfect. Make sure you follow Nietzche’s advice this July: You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.” Do all the things you love like dancing, singing, painting and play lots of bingo!
Lucky Days: 4th & 27th
Lucky Numbers: 9 & 19


You seem to have isolated yourself too much recently. You have become a hermit in your own mind. You need to do more of the things you enjoy and do them with those that are closest to you and love you the most. A secret about your childhood will be revealed in July.
Lucky Days: 14th & 26th
Lucky Numbers: 2 & 28

By: Bingo Power

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