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Tombola Bingo is one of the biggest online bingo sites in the UK, with more than 1500 players waiting for you to join the fun and it is an exclusively British site and only accepts players from the UK.

Tombola Bingo is a flash site so you cut out the time consuming downloading. The graphics are great and the layout is simple which make sit very usable. Navigating the site is very straightforward and everything you need is at the click of a button. All you need to do is simply log in, click the game you want to play and you’re done. It’s as easy as that!

With Tombola being so big you will naturally find more games variety here than in other sites. This is what sets Tombola apart and makes it so popular. There are five 90 Ball clubs - Mosaic Club, Harlequin Club, Spectrum Club, Kaleidoscope Club and Rainbow Club, and in all of these you have the choice of joining one of three different chat rooms. The really fab thing is that you can even customise the colour of the screen!

Tombola Bingo also offers 75 ball and 80 ball games with the option of choosing between 2 chat rooms in each. As an added bonus, you can also play CINCO, Battleships, Hamster Race and a play for fun bingo room called Hang-On.

The chat facilities on all these clubs are always bustling and full of good natured banter between players and you are sure to make many new buddies.

Calculate your bonus at Tombola Bingo


With a deposit of £10 you will have £30 to play with!

Composed of: £20 deposit bonus, £10 of your own funds

Tombola Bingo Payment Options

Funds can be deposited and withdrawn at Tombola Bingo using the following payment methods.

Tombola Bingo Games and Jackpots

Game Type
Card Price
Total Players
Jackpot Value
Progressive Jackpot
Next Game
Cinco Cairo Cinco 10p 46 £16.58 £5.00
Bingo Roulette Luxor Bingo Roulette 10p 65 £18.94 £2.00
Bingo 90 Rainbow 10p 321 £218.36 £890.57
Cinco Monte Carlo Cinco 40p 43 £65.10 £20.00
Bandit The Ship Other 10p 15 £1.50 £1.00
Bingo Lite Bubble Bingo Lite 2p 129 £21.96
Cinco Mandalay Cinco 40p 41 £59.96 £20.00
Bingo 50 Apple Other 25p 156 £36.17 £1.00
Bingo 90 Kaleidoscope 10p 123 £94.09 £890.57
Cinco Manhattan Cinco 20p 45 £33.65 £10.00
Bandit Red Lion Other 50p 11 £4.43 £5.00
Bingo Lite Feather Bingo Lite 2p 70 £12.03
Cinco Shanghai Cinco 10p 77 £28.88 £5.00
Tombola Roulette Flamingo Tombola Roulette 5p 28 £39.60
Bingo 90 Spectrum 10p 126 £86.54 £890.57
Cinco St Moritz Cinco 20p 37 £28.52 £10.00
Bandit Black Swan Other 100p 9 £15.19 £10.00
Bingo Lite Fizz Bingo Lite 2p 67 £12.14
Cinco Five-a-Side Cinco 20p 56 £41.37 £10.00
Tombola Roulette Dunes Tombola Roulette 5p 22 £1.80
Bingo 90 Harlequin 10p 138 £105.87 £890.57
Cinco Cannes Cinco 10p 35 £13.23 £5.00
Bingo Roulette Mirage Bingo Roulette 10p 87 £27.18 £2.00
Bingo Lite Fluff Bingo Lite 2p 87 £17.48
Cinco St Tropez Cinco 5p 74 £14.50 £2.00
Bingo 90 Mosaic 10p 131 £91.21 £890.57
Cinco Casablanca Cinco 40p 73 £114.28 £20.00
Bingo Roulette Venetian Bingo Roulette 25p 53 £41.81 £5.00
Bingo Lite Breeze Bingo Lite 2p 65 £13.35
Cinco Marrakech Cinco 5p 72 £13.15 £2.00
Bingo 80 25p 168 £118.56 £500.00
Cinco Capri Cinco 10p 42 £15.37 £5.00
Bingo Roulette Bellagio Bingo Roulette 50p 80 £125.87 £10.00
Battleships Other 50p 21 £9.13 £5.00
Roller Coaster Other 25p 30 £23.92 £5.00
Bingo 75 10p 93 £31.50 £500.00

By: Bingo Power

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